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Traditional Preschool


Traditional Preschool

If you’re looking for a more traditional preschool experience, we provide that, too – all with additional flexibility built in to meet your needs.


Preschool on Your Schedule

We believe that parents should determine when and how much preschool is right for their children. With our Traditional Preschool Program, you select the number of sessions you would like, which days of the week, and whether you would like mornings or afternoons.


A Great Educational Experience

We have amazing preschool teachers that utilize the terrific Creative Curriculum®system. This method leverages children’s natural curiosity to explore and learn more about the world around them. Our sessions are a little longer than most preschools – 3 hours – to allow for more learning time.


Flexible When You Need it to Be

If you need care before or after preschool, you can transition into or out of our Flexible Childcare program to meet your needs.

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