Curriculum: Discovery by Design.

Whether it’s the serious business of fun, caring, or education, we always strive to make the Sweet Kiddles part of the day the child’s best part of the day.

For us, that means integrating learning and nurturing into authentic educational experiences children can naturally grow within. Our innovative curriculum engages children with high-interest activities that inspire curiosity, encourage discovery, and reward individual and collaborative efforts. That’s why our classrooms are specially arranged to allow for active play, hands-on centers, and teacher-guided activities. Our goal is to help children grow in every dimension, including cognitive, literacy, physical, and social emotional development.

Through The Creative Curriculum, children are immersed in knowledge-building studies along with daily practice resources. The Creative Curriculum encompasses 38 learning and developmental objectives, and is aligned with early learning standards nationwide.

Handwriting without Tears applies multi-sensory activities to develop crucial prewriting skills, painlessly. Children have opportunities to learn interesting songs, make letters out of wood pieces and roll-a-dough, and write with a variety of fine motor tools.

We integrate Conscious Discipline, a social-emotional classroom management system based on current brain research and developmentally appropriate practices, into our classroom management methods and daily interactions with children. Teachers at Sweet Kiddles use Conscious Discipline to help children regulate their emotions while making them feel like part of our school family.

Since technology is such a big part of our lives, it’s an appropriate part of the Sweet Kiddles day too. We enhance our classrooms with a variety of high-tech learning experiences, including going on virtual field trips, capturing a world view with digital cameras, and using microscopes to attract big interest to little things.

Through the year, we regularly assess children in their organic learning environment, and monitor their progress. Examples of children’s work are kept in portfolios to provide a well-rounded picture of each child’s developmental experience—and an enduring snapshot of their Sweet Kiddles lives.

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