Become a Member

Become a Member

Review our Membership Benefits!

Once you’ve joined you’ll have full access to Sweet Kiddles’ programs and services for one year. You’ll be able to drop off your children for childcare any time we are open. And, you’ll be able to purchase packages and services such as summer camp and before and after school care.

It’s a good idea to check in with the center at this point. We have a high demand for our services — we recommend calling or emailing to make sure we can meet your childcare needs.

Ready to Join?

So you’re ready to have access to the most convenient, flexible childcare available? If so, there are a few steps to complete, but we are always here if you have any questions or need any help! 

Step 1 – Annual Membership Fee:

Click on the “Join Now” button below. This will take you to the Sweet Kiddles Store so you can buy your annual membership!

After you buy your membership make sure you come back to complete the rest of the steps. 

Membership is only $100 and gives your entire family one year’s access to drop-in childcare, enrichment programs, flexible preschool, summer camps and more. 

Step 2 – Required Paperwork:

Before you can drop off your Kiddles for the first time, the forms listed below need to be filled out and submitted online.  The only exception is for Child Medical Form which you have 30 days from your child’s first visit to get completed and back to us, including up-to-date immunization records. See our handbook for our detailed immunization policy. You will need to complete a separate Enrollment Form for each child in your family.*

In order to provide our flexible service, we ask each family to have a credit card on file. In advance of your first visit, complete the following form granting us permission to bill that credit card. For your security, here we ask only for the last four digits – you will need to present the same credit card on your first visit.

If your child is 0-18 months, we require that we have a Basic Infant Information form on file. Also, we use an app to provide up-to-date information on your infant’s eating, sleeping, and diapering schedule as well. There is a form below to opt-in to using the app or requesting paper-based daily reports instead. Please complete these forms and submit them online.

We are also required to have a Request for Administration of Medication form on file for each prescription and non-prescription medication, topical product or lotion (e.g. diaper rash cream, sunscreen, etc.) and/or food supplement (e.g. Pediasure) that requires something be administered during your child’s visit. We also need this form to be completed when a child is on a modified diet, i.e. when an entire food group is eliminated which impacts your child’s stay at Sweet Kiddles. For example, we are required to serve liquid milk at all meals. If your child has a dairy allergy and cannot replace the milk with another item from the dairy food group we must have the form on file. Box 2 must be completed by a doctor when the form is being completed for nonprescription medication that a doctor has prescribed to address an ongoing condition that is non-contagious or for a modified diet.

If you answered Yes to any of the medical questions on the enrollment form that required the completion of a Medical/Physical Care Plan, please complete and submit online the following:

Additional important information

  • In case of an emergency evacuation, we will convene at one of the following locations: 1. Christ Community Chapel, 750 W Streetsboro St. 330-650-9533; or 2) Sky Zone, 6217 Chittenden Rd. 234-249-3030. The emergency cell phone number is 440-732-6928.
  • Health screenings are recommended for all children. Find health screening information here.
  • For a list of community resources, click here.

Step 3 – Leave the Rest to Us! 

After completing all requirements and paying the $100 annual membership fee, please allow up to 24 hours or until the next business day for your account to be activated.

Once everything is ready you will get a confirmation email with your login information.

If you need access or a reservation sooner than this please reach out to the center, so we can help you! 

* Sweet Kiddles is a state-licensed childcare center and all forms are required by the state for enrollment.

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