Sweet Kiddles is a different type of organization, founded on the idea that if a company hires a great team and focuses attention on the employee’s well-being and providing the best customer service, financial success will follow.

Our mission:

To change the world by making parents’ and children’s lives better.

  • Parents and children who are our customers
  • Parents who are our employees and their children
  • Parents and children in the community beyond
  • We will continuously grow to serve parents and children in areas we do not today and in ways that we do not today

Our vision:

To provide each child with the best part of their day every visit!

Our core values:

  • Every child is special and deserves special treatment – attention, interaction and love from our team
  • Every parent is special and deserves special treatment – have their concerns addressed, questions answered, and needs met
  • Every interaction is an opportunity for a relationship-enhancing experience for our customers; even complaints, mistakes and accidents
  • Our service will be the most convenient and highest quality available
  • We hire only the best for all positions on our team – Our team members are fun, spirited, energetic, cool, dedicated to our mission and are the single most important part of our service offering to our customers
  • We will be the best place to work for parents in the world and provide as much flexibility as business and regulatory requirements will allow
  • In order to change the world and make as many parents’ and children’s lives better, we need to have sufficient revenue and profits to fund business growth
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